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What you probably wanted to know

How would you describe your style of photography?

I like to be in the background, I observe and like to capture real moments. They should only be a little stages when I get to the portraits and give you ideas how to pose. Other than that it should be authentic. You have to be able to feel comfortable, this can’t happen if I pressure you to be someone else. Just be you and do your thing. I just capture the day how I see it..

Do you work with flash?

My main work light is natural light. Even if sometimes it would be a little better that more light shines on you, I prefer natural light. Flash can be ugly in my opinion and is rather distracting inbetween the ceremonie or other events. If it is really to dark or I want to create a look, yes, then I use a flash.

How many photographs will I get at the end of the day?

This depends on how long you book me and how many events are planned. I take a lot of photos and like to give out as much as I can. 8 hours add up to 400 photographs at least, but bet on more, don’t worry.

Is every photo edited?

Yes. After every wedding you will get a handselected number of the best photographs, which I will have edited with professional Editingsoftware.

When do I get the photos?

You will get the photos 6 weeks after the wedding day at the last possible date. This should be enough time for you to have your honeymoon and for me to edit your photos with love.

Are there watermarks on the photos?

No, I do not use watermarks. It should not distract from the actual photo. The photos are also in the highest possible resolution, so that you can print them out nicely.

Is there an Online Gallery?

Yes, you will get an Online Gallery when you book me at least for 4 hours. This online gallery is really handy to show the photos to relatives and friends without sending USB-Sticks around.

How many photoghers will be there?

I mainly work alone. If you want I can organize a second-shooter for the day.

Will there be a personal gettogether beforehand?

Every wedding is special and needs its consideration, so it would be perfect to know you beforehand and talk about your fears and wishes for the day. If it cannot happen while having coffee somewhere, then skype or facetime comes handy.

Will there be a photoshoot beforehand to get to know eachother?

If it is possible time- and locallywise, then with pleasure. You could use these photos for invitations or just to have some already. This shoot will be about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour long.

How many hours can you book me?

You can book me from 1 to 12 hours, depending on the date and event. There is always place for individual offers!

For what can I be booked?

Weddings and Portraits mainly, but if you like to have other ceremonies photographed, just write me.

How much do I cost?

Every wedding or shoot is different, that is why there can’t be a price for every occasion. Just send me the details of what you wish for and I will give you an individual offer. Just write me: hello@khitos.com or reach out to me on my various social media.