I am Masi Nasr, 29 years old, from a small town called Haltern am See.  Art was always an interest of mine. No wonder it was my favourite course in school and especially tasks with expressionable art. I was not that into photography back then, this came later. First there was school, university and slowly the urge to be creative again. The studies of law can be a little boring sometimes – yeah I dared to say it. As a compensation there was photography. Gladly for me I met almost only people who were also creative besides their studies, so that I could follow my passion regardless and with the help of them.

I am always in the search of new people to meet and photograph (with). I took my time to get into photographing people, but now this is the most interesting part. It is life, it is the human emotion.

Being on the calmer side of characters you can best get to know me further in a personal conversation. Do you have time for a cup of coffee?


Sidenotes of things I love:

My wife Hélène – my cat Matteo – my family – Pizza – the band Explosions In The Sky – series: Friends and Friday Night Lights – movies: City Lights and Amélie