– Despite knowing the journey… and where it leads… I embrace it. And I welcome every moment of it. – 

Love leads to all kind of things. Let those things be negative or positive, love is still the power that drives human kind to live. It creates families, it brings us together and let us think about what we really need in life. Embrace the life you want and do it with love.


Welcome, I am Masi, pleased to meet you.

It is one of the biggest days of your lives. Families are getting merged and created. It is a beautiful thing to witness, even if you are a bystander. This is my job I chose, to witness your event and to capture it with my eyes and camera. Love is one of the strongest forces in the universe and I love to capture it.

I want to accompany you on your wedding day and document your feelings, touches, glances. I see every wedding as a new adventure, because there are no two identical weddings and especially: You are the protagonist, you are the special people I want to capture. And you chose me to accompany you, which is a great deal to me. I am happy to be part of your day, because not everybody gets to see love in this fashion.

It is my vision to stay in the background, document and capture your day, you and your family. It is my job to create a timeless, artistic documentation, which will be forever in your memories. Photography is time travel and I want you to be able to get back to your day and enjoy it for multiple times.

Besides Weddings I also like to photograph other areas of photography, having the will to explore every aspect of creativity. In every medium or day there is something that can inspire and enthrall. Photography gives me the opportunity to explore this passion of mine.

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